List of Bloodline Skills on Ninja Saga

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is a follow up post from my previous article " Ninja Saga Bloodline Limits ". I think my theory was real. Listed below are the list of "bloodline skills" that I was talking about on the earlier post. What we have now were the "Secret Talents" which is then similar to the skills below. But as you read the other skills, you can find of them that are not exisitng or even similar to the secret talents. See and analyze for yourself.

The site to which I've found these skills have posted this issue on September 2010. That was 6 months ago. What had happen why the NS team did not release these skills rather releasing the secret talents? If these "bloodline skills" are different from the secret talents, would there be a possibility that it would be released some time in the future updates of Ninja Saga? Hmmm.. I kept asking these questions on my mind.

Also I am puzzled with the amaterasu skill. If the Sharingan will to be existed on Ninja Saga, I want the Rennigan and the Byakugan to be released too.

This is not my work. I've found it on a bluelearnings forum.
This result is a durable blend of ninja, with purity ABILITY, and have the skill to cancel for any side effect.

Frozen ZERO: Negative opponent all buff, cast any buff to Prevent and Standard and Poor heal, combustion, flexible. 3rd turn
Damage: 300 chakras: 300 cp
Animation: summon a giant walrus with giant fang to attack opponent

Deep Freeze: freeze / STUN Enemy 2 turn, any damage breaks the effect, but the damage Increase by 35%
Damage: 250 chakras: 300 cp
Animation: opponent with glacier cover

Frozen Bite: mist to Prevent caster casts any negative effect from 100% imune to any status ailment, third turn
Damage: 270 chakras: 300 cp
Animation: summon a polar bear That casting mist

Ninja That capable in chakra manipulation

Chakra Crystal: crystalize nullifies all chakras chakra to use for 3 Turn, the target self
Damage: n / a chakra: 300 cp
Animation: create a crystal then injected to caster body

Crystal kunai: kunai That attack is made with crystal opponent can not charge from third chakra turn
Damage: 300 chakras: 300 cp
Animation: Attack with giant crystal kunai

Crystal STAB: double chakra jutsu for use in opponent, two turn
Damage: 230 chakras: 300 cp
Animation: cast of five floating crystal then stabbing opponent


Chakra Manipulation: convert damage to the chakras, damage caster deals will of replenish chakra
Damage: n / a chakra: 100cp
Animation: That Cristal floating infront of caster

A ninja That it self blend with nature

Mokuton Kekkai: 3 turn restriction
damage: 250 chakras: 300 cp
Animation: like shin kekkai

Mokuton Protection: protection 20% 4 turn
damage: n / a chakra: 100 cp
Animation: animation like Shin

Mokuton Seed: plant seeds That later changed from a Moguton Creature will of assisting your need three turn attack before it created
damage: n / a chakra: 300 cp
Animation: That later changed from a seed of an insect


Camuflage: opponent can not see our ninja, -50% accuracy opponent, it's gone only Pls get hit.
Damage: n / a chakra: 350 cp
Animation: like the Predator movie

FIRE + EARTH: Clay / bomber
Ninja That bombarding it's opponent with explosion

HEAT Bomb: burn the opponent till it changed from ash, burning 4%, 4 turn
Damage: 270 chakras: 300 cp
Animation: Opening a scrool then unseal the bomb inside, take the bomb at Each hand then throw to opponent.

HIDDEN Intention: Plant bombs to opponent body and detonate later, can be accumulate, very deadly weapon.
Damage, 20% opponent hp per one bomb. It's a mean plant two bombs opponent equal to 40% hp.
Damage: n / a chakra: 300cp
Animation: move to opponent back then plan a sticky clay bomb

Suicide Bomb: A risky jutsu That will of Sacrifice 25% of caster HP, but will from Crops detonate bomb in opponent body.
Damage: 250 chakras: 300 cp
Animaton: heat perform bomb then move closely to opponent, after That give the opponent a hug of death.

The stronggest assaulter ninja

Sharinggan: strenght body boost weak spot and spot opponent, combustion + consentration at Same Time for 2 turn
damage: n / a chakra: 200 cp
Animation: two big Eyeball pattern with sharinggan

Mangyoku Sharinggan: That's ilusion sleep for three turn cause damage but the opponent, opponent hp damage 5%
damage: 5% hp three turn chakra: 300 cp
Animation: like Itachi, crow Anbu surround victim then stabbing him "dude with sword

Moon Sharinggan: Extreme ilusion That manipulate time and space, trapping opponent for 2 turn, opponent can not use any jutsu. Opponent dodge reduced 100%. Perfect time to execute your victim.
damage: 300 cahkra: 300 cp
Animation: Moon with Madara Itachi sharinggan pattern

WIND + FIRE: Blaze
Ninja with Enhanced Fire Power

EX Kunai: Kunai Formation of The Famous side effect with burning, burning 3% for second turn
Damage: 388, burn the three turn chakra: 330 cp
Animation: perform jutsu like wind storm then raiding Enemy formation with quadruple kunai

INSIDE Burning: Burn your self to make more powerful combustion, all damage Increase 55% 2 turn. But caster
HP lose 7% per turn Until it's fade away.
Damage: n / a chakra: 100 cp
Animation: self burn with fire, similar look with Super Saiyan Dragon Ball.

FIRE Furious: Enhanced version of Wind Blade, Twice attack. opponent to make a first attack of bleeding, the second strike is the real strike. Increase 20% damage all three turn
Damage: (1) 120 3 turn bleeding, (2) 210 chakras: 260 cp
Animation: first strike is like wind cutter like animation, then get back while shooting Fireball

Ninja That like too cook his victim

Healer OF HELL: healing while combusting At The Same Time, heal 500 + Combustion Increase 40% damage
for 2 turn.
Damage: n / a chakra: 440 cp
Animation: moves like healing, but the bubble turn from blue to red with many small bubbles.

Boiling Point: Enemy cook with hot oil Boiled, burn 3% for four turn
Damage: 270, burn 3% 4 turn chakra: 350 cp
Animation: a flood of Boiled oil

Eternal Flame: Burning Enemy 3% of HP damage for Every turn, fade only with charging chakra
Damage: 230, burn the 3% damage chakra: 330 CP
Animation: oil come from ground, then burn opponent
Ninja That have a high accuray and high critical

AURA FLASH: Brighten surround, to remove the shadow That ninja use as coverage, accuracy + 70%, 3 turn
Damage: n / a chakra: 100 cp
Animation: That a flare like the military use in night fight.

CHIDORI: That ray releases have charged a high criticall chance, need 2 turn to the charge, select again to release.
crictical 70% chance.
Damage: 360 chakras: 350 cp
Animation: Kakashi like, bring hand down like turn, then raise hand above head caster then struck by lightning thunder
That ninja master in defense

DESERT STORM: feel the Cruel of desert, STUN 2 turn (this will from the earth change strangle). A large amount of sand storm Buried That will of the victim.
Damage: 270 chakras: 330 cp

SAND Burst: Attack That hurt opponent will of eye, 70% a blind turn.
Damage: 330 chakras: 350 cp

SAND SHELL: self cover with a ball made from sand, reduce damage by 50% 3 turn
Damage: n / a chakra: 100 cp


Burial GROUND: Transform Self to sand, make caster safe from any harm, 2 turn. Chakra absorption from the ground
chakra fills 10% 2 turn.
Damage: n / a chakra: 150 cp

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