Hanami Festival Pet: Ponpoco

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ninja Saga Pet: Ponpoco
Way to acquire: Participate on Ninja Saga's Hanami Festival. Complete "Stage 5" progress and claim this pet as a reward.

Skills | Description

1st Skill: Umbrella Strike - Throw a target spinning umbrella
2nd Skill: Hibuki Shower - Eject weapons from the umbrella and reduce target's CP by 5%
3rd Skill: Start! Guard! - 50% chance to guard master (2 turns)
4th Skill: Secret: Kasatanuki - Transform into a giant umbrella and stuns target for 1 turn
5th Skill: Secret: Sakura Scatter - Rain Sakura petals to increase master's attack damage by 8% for 2 turns

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