Free Emblem Account on Ninja Saga Contest

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good day ninjas! I was thinking about running a " Free Emblem Account on Ninja Saga" contest on this blog. And what would be the contest?

I am still thinking about it as I also want to promote this blog to increase my readers and to build a community. How about the prizes? I can only give 5 emblem accounts for the prize. But if someone would like to donate prizes, then I would gladly accept that.

About the type of contest, I want it to relate it to Ninja Saga. May be a blog writing contest about Ninja Saga, Poster making, Video Making, Best Strategy on PVP etc..

The question is, will there be Ninja Saga players who will participate? The more the happier. As of now I have $100 up my sleeve. I am still accumulating funds for the contest. I want to achieve $500 - $1000 as a the total of prizes. Imagine how many emblem accounts I could give.

If there is anyone who want to be a sponsor of our contest, you can email me here:

Thanks to all the loyal readers and visitors of this blog. Without you, I can not accumulate the $100. I actually earn them on Google Adsense. I want some suggestions from you guys. Feel free to comment!

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