Congratulations to all the Graduating Ninjas!

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am graduating this April 1, 2011! Yeah! The time has come for me to increase my rank. From being a student to being a professional. Just like a ninja, once a Genin now a Tenzai Jounin and later will become a  Black Ops.

To all the graduating ninja, Congratulations and good luck for your first job application.

I am preparing for my first job interview. Hope I could get an offline job. If I can't I will be playing Ninja Saga forever LOL.

Ninja Saga Update

Ninja Saga is having a sale! All premium items on the shop are 50% off. Now you can buy more items for your ninja at a low price. Customizing your character will be so cheap. Now what do I buy next for my ninja?

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