Valentines Pet - Kumayoshi

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Valentines Pet - Kumayoshi

You can get this pet as a reward when you reach the level "Good Friend" to the guest you chose. How to reach that level? Just collect the required items and certainly you will reach it in time.

Skills | Description

1st skill: Basic attack
2nd skill: Claw Scratch - Scratch enemy with both claws (Nothing special)
3rd skill: Blue Ocean Star - Sprinkle ocean star blessings - Master recovers 10% CP per charge (2 turns)
4th skill: Fate Light Star - Purify all negative status of master
5th skill: Dark Moon Start - Absorb power of dark moon stars and give target a hard crash - Reduce enemy HP by 2%
6th skill: White Sky Star: Reduce master's Jutsu CP consumption by 40% ( 4 turns)

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