Ninja Saga Back Items Guide 2011 - Complete List

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, February 24, 2011

These are the list of all back items of Ninja Saga for 2011 only. If you want to see the back items of 2010, refer to this link:

Kikyo Umbrella (Season 10 Clan War)
Effect: 6% chance to convert damage taken into health.
Way to Acquire: Be member of Emblem Elite during Season 10 of clan wars.

Rose Bouquet
Effect: Recover CP 5% extra per charge.
Way to Acquire: Reach 'Friend' stage with your royal guest by collecting and giving valentine items to them.

Back Item Gold Wand
Effect: Increase accuracy by 5%
Way  to Acquire: Purchase the Ninja Saga Festival Special Package and you will get the bonus Gold Wand. The  package includes Black Tire attire, Mask for masquerade and a fancy rapier weapon. You can also get them individually. Buy the package for 3200 token only.

Tensho Compass (back item)
Effect:  Increase attack damage by 4% and recover HP by 1% every turn
Way to Acquire: This is a back item reward for the champion of the Season XI clan war.

Back Items For Sale(shop) 
Note: These back items have no special effects and is for decorative purposes only! These are samples only. You can view more at the ninja saga shop.

Hanami Lantern Back Item
Way to acquire: Complete " Stage 4" progress on Hanami Festival on Ninja Saga.
Effect: Reduce damage taken by 15.

Blood Evil Gourd
Effect: Increase Maximum HP by 5%.
Way to acquire: Be member of Zheninjas during Season 12 of clan wars.

Kishu Twin Blades
Effect: Increase accuracy by 8%.
Way to Acquire: Be a member of the winning clan during the Season 13 Clan Wars in Ninja Saga

Radish Launcher Back Item
Effect: Easter 2011 Limited Edition - It will fly you to the moon!
Way to acquire: Collect sage eggs during Easter 2011.

Carrot Launcher Back Item
Effect: Increase agility by 1. Easter 2011 Limited Edition.
Way to acquire: Unlock radish launcher back item and collect monster eggs.

Hanami Folding Fan
Effect:Increase dodge rate and critical rate by 3%
How to obtain: Hanami Festival Special Package

Egg Hunter Basket
Effect: Increase 6% accuracy
How to obtain: Easter Festival Special Package

Karasu Miya Falcon
Effect: Increase dodge rate by 6%
How to obtain: Top up 450 MyCard point from 15 April - 15 May 2011

Disaster Medic Kit
Effect: 100% of purchase goes to Disaster Relief Donation.
Way to Acquire: Purchase in the store before 21st of March in the back item area (500 tokens).

Childhood Memories
Effect: None.
Way to Acquire: Collect at least four flowers before May 9, 2011

Back Item Yabusa Knife
Effect:  4% increase damage and ignore dodge of opponent by 4%.

Season 15 Clan War Reward Back Item :Seitenken
Effect: Recover CP after HP Reduction (20% of HP reduction)
Way to Acquire: Be member of Elite Latina, Filipino Clan, or Emblem Elite during S15 of Clan Wars.

King Kong Ring (Dharmacakra) Back Item
- Recover Hp by 1% and reduces damage received by 4%

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