Ninja Saga Valentines Day Event - Valentines Boss and Missions

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So the Valentines day event has started! As expected, Ninja Saga Team have released new missions and also prizes. Here are the summary of missions and guides.

- Saga Romance: Please the guest to get exclusive gifts.
- Festival Boss and mission
- Free weeding kimono with any payment made within the event
- New Roulette

New Roulette Award System

Multiplying awards on the new roulette has been made easier. On the old roulette, you need to log in everyday up to the 15th day to be able to reach x6. Now you can reach the x6 multiplier on the 6th day! Enjoy spinning the wheel everyday!

Saga Romance

In the Saga Romance, you have to choose one of the three royal families. You have to protect and please them at any cost to receive rewards. You could choose between Ruri, Yuko and the other one that requires an emblem is Ume at Matsu.

Each of them have different personalities. If you want to skip the task, you can pay 200 tokens to please them and get the reward; heart shinobi uniform. But that will be boring. You have your stage of bond on them and it starts with stranger > master and servant > best bodyguard > friend > good friend and best friend. You can please them by collecting items that they need.And to collect items, you need to do the daily mission and beat the boss. You can also request the items from your friends.

If you make the guest happy, she'll reward you instantly. The reward depends on the level of bond between the two of you. Example; heart shinobi uniform(stranger), black rose weapon (master and servant).

Saga Romance Reward

Note: All the guest have the same rewards. 
Bond level | Reward | Effects

Stranger - Heart Shinobi Uniform
Master and Servant - Black Rose (weapon)
Best Body Guard - Limited Hairstyle
Friend - Rose Boquet (back item) - recover extra 5% CP per charge
Good Friend - Pet Kumayoshi (teddy bear pet)
Best Friend - Secret Jutsu: Kiss of Serpent - Blow target a gross kiss to petrify target. Petrified target cannot make any move but also will not receive damage as well. Except damage over time like burn etc..2 turns

Valentines Daily Mission - Don't disturb the Valentines
You can only complete this once a day. You have to fight 3 hooligans to finish the mission. The hooligans are the same level as your ninja. Rewards are 1000 gold, 1000 XP, and random collectibles.

Free Clothing 
You will receive the kimono set or the wedding set when your make any payments within the Valentines event. The kimono set adds the chance of dropping items from the Valentines event.

Valentines Boss - Hanasikukozo
A flower eating monster who loves eating roses. The level of the boss will be same level of your ninja. See the screenshot. The boss have low HP. Killing the boss is made easy.

Base on my experience, about 50% of your attacks will be reflected for about 20% of the damage dealt. See the skills of the boss below. The Boss have no resistance to any status ailments.

Turn # | Name of jutsu | Damage/effects

1. World of Flower  - strengthens the attack power of the boss by 40%
2. Black Valentine    - restricts target for 2 turns
3. Wood Bundle - stun target for 2 turns
4. Root Whip - sends 2 roots and attack target dealing 300 damage
5. Eat that Rose - eat a red rose to heal Boss by 600 HP
6. Whirlwind Root Whip - spins his body together with his roots to cause AOE damage.

Valentines Boss - Kasikoki
A chocolate eating monster. The level of the boss will be same level of your ninja.Base on my experience, about 20% of your attack will be reflected for about 40% of the damage dealt.

Turn # | Name of jutsu | Damage/effects

1. Expired Choco - Cast fear to enemy making ninjutsu damage weaker by 50% (3 turns)
2. Chocolate Time - Eat chocolate to heal 900HP
3. Chocolate Combo - Cast "parasite" to enemy.(Drains enemy CP by 10% , 3 turns)
4. Bitter Black - Strengthens the attack of the boss by 40% (4 turns)
5. Yummy White - Reduce taken damage by 40% for 4 turns

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