Ninja Saga Element Attributes and Facts

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Monday, January 17, 2011

No B.S. Just so you'll know about element attributes in Ninja Saga. There are currently five elements in Ninja saga; wind, thunder, water, earth and fire.

Wind - Players who have more points on wind always attack first on battle. And sometimes you can attack twice in one turn. Wind users can dodge most of the attacks. Making them a hard target. Skills of a wind user uses the least amount of CP and low cool downs but also does small damage than other elements.
Each point increases 0.4% dodge, 1 agility and 1% damage bonus to Wind Ninjutsu.

Thunder - Thunder wielders have high critical rate making every ninjutsu to make a critical hit. A critical hit never miss and is 150% of the normal damage of a ninjutsu. Also Thunder wielders can be used to counter wind users. They can also kill you in one hit only. I've seen players who can make 3k critical hit!
Each point increases 0.4 critical chance, increase critical strike damage bonus by 0.8% and 1% damage bonus to Thunder Ninjutsu.

Water - Water users possess large amount of CP. They do less damage than wind but have great supporting skills like Refresh and some restricting skills. Water users can withstand most negative effect like stun, burn and poison because of purify.
Each point increases 30 max CP, 0.4% chance to remove all negative effect at the start of each turn (known as Purify) and 1% damage and healing bonus to Water Ninjutsu.

Earth - Earth users have the Highest HP and also have the strongest defense of all. They can tank most of the damage and can even rebound them.
Each point increases 30 max HP, 0.4% chance to cause 30% damage taken to the attackers as well (known as Reactive Force) and 1% damage bonus to Earth Ninjutsu.

Fire - The strongest of all the elements. Fire skills have the greatest damage of all. The weakness of a fire user is that they lack disabling skills.
Each point increases 0.4% to all types of damage, 0.4% chance to increase all damage by 30% for 1 turn (known as Combustion) and a 1% increase to all Ninjutsu.

If there is something you want to add, just post them on the comments. Thank you for reading! 

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