Upcoming Events and Updates From Ninja Saga

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you know about the Dragon Legacy Game? It's on close alpha so let us wait for the grand opening of the game. My friend said it is like an "improved Ninja Saga" with unique class system. If you are a premium user on Ninja Saga probably you know because only users with premium accounts are allowed to take the beta test of the game. The Ninja Saga Team is doing their best to improve the game. And a NS player just commented that the NS Team forgot to update Ninja Saga because they are putting much of their time on Dragon Legacy. Well I agree on that. The Christmas event on DL started weeks ago and NS Team is just preparing for the upcoming seasonal event on NS. And since it's Christmas, expect some Christmas related missions and prizes. What ever it is, let us just wait! 

Anyways, Here are the upcoming updates of Ninja Saga as posted on the Official Forum.

- Unlimited Secret Talents
- New Gift System
- New Clan System Update
- New Clan Missions and Clan Boss
- Saved Hairstyles
- Ancient World Boss
- Live PvP Private Room
- Live Party PvP and Party PvE
- Secret Black Ops Tests and Training
- New Special Mission and New Mission Type
- More Holiday Events

Video Preview of Dragon Legacy Game

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