Christmas Pet: Snowman and Christmas Back Items!

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Sunday, December 26, 2010

I am sorry for the late update of the pets and back items. I was sick for four days until the time of writing. Okay so here it goes. I didn't include the Christmas weapons cause I think they are all useless and for fashion only. If you want them posted, notify me via comments. Merry Christmas to you all. Enjoy! And don't forget the true spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Pet: Snowman


  • 1st Skill: Basic attack
  • 2nd Skill: Pitch Snowball - Reduce enemy's attack damage by 4% (1 turn)
  • 3rd Skill: Snow Bullet Tank - 50% chance to stun target (1 turn)
  • 4th Skill: Snow Ball Combo - Reduce target's attack damage by 10% (1 turn)
  • 5th Skill: Secret - Clone Snow Tank - 80% chance to stun target
  • 6th Skill:  Secret - Snowman Breaker Tank - Freeze target (1 turn) - (frozen target cannot move but damage taken is reduce for 30%)

Christmas - Exclusive Back Items

Roasted Turkey
Effects: Increases HP for 20 points per turn.
How to acquire: Christmas Prize, shared on friends Facebook Profile.

Snow Flake
Effects: 3% chance to freeze enemy who attack user for 1 turn (frozen target cannot move but damage taken is reduce for 30%)
How to acquire: Redeem 55 Pinecones until January 5, 2011

Angel Wings
Effects: Increase attack damage and accuracy by 3%.
How to Acquire:Emblem user only, Redeem during Christmas event.

Christmas Bag
Effects: Reduce damage taken by 10.
How to Acquire:Redeem 55 Pinecones until January 5, 2011

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