Christmas 2010 Event Full Guide

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Sunday, December 19, 2010

Well, the long awaited event is here! Ninja Saga have now officially opened Christmas Event! I am sorry guys this post is late ='( . So what's new on this event. Last year's event was awesome. The Ninja Saga Team gave reindeer pet, Christmas costumes and  exciting Christmas events. What about now? Here are they:

Christmas Missions
  • X'mas: The Christmas Painting. Spot the differences on the painting.

  • X'mas: The Naughty Elves. Kill 3 naughty elves. The elves are of the same level as your ninja.
  • X'mas: The Ninja Claus: Ninja Claus have his leg hurt. He must have been attacked by the Xmas thieves. Go and help Ninja Claus deliver the presents and defeat the Xmas Thieves. The Xmas thieves will be the same level as your ninja.
Christmas Boss : Gingerbrat

Boss Reward: 1 Pinecone, Giant Spoon, Giant Fork, Giant Knive
Boss Level: Gingerbat's level will the same as the level of your Ninja.
EXP/Gold: 1,000 exp / 1,000 gold

Boss Skills
  • Ginger Dash : Accelerates rapidly and bump to enemy causing damage.
  • Squash You! : Jumps high landing to the enemy to cause damage. 
  • Snow Ball Throw : Mold snow on hand and throw snow ball to the enemy.
  • Kamikaze : Send 5 small ginger breads fast. Upon reaching you, they explode of a sudden.
  • Fury Boy : Strengthens attack of Gingerbrat for +40%.
Pinecone Reward

Collect Pinecones and exchange them for a prize!You can collect up to 7 Pinecones everyday just by killing Gingerbrat Boss and doing the three Xmas missions. Plus you can have them on your friends' walls. Good luck! 

Rewards - Click them to enlarge.

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