November 18, 2010

Ninja Saga:Turkey Pet and Thanksgiving Balloons back item!

Thanksgiving is approaching so Ninja Saga have released a new pet and a new back item. These are limited edition only so you should hurry and get them while they are hot!

How to get them?
**Official payment only, not included Token offers or packages offered by advertisers.
**Only payments made after the event is launched are eligible for claiming the pet.

Ninja Saga Turkey Pet
I still don't have the image yet. If you have pet turkey, kindly send me some photos. Thanks! Image credited to Ninja Saga Official Forum.

Type: N/A
Purchase Cost: 

Skills and description

1st skill : level 1 : pet basic attack
2nd skill : level 5 :First Crows: sing to wake up master if master is sleeping
3rd skill : level 10 :Poem of Blossom: 75% to inflict sleep to target ( 2 turns )
4th skill : level 15 : Poem of Bird: increase master all attack damage by 3% ( 3 turns )
5th skill:Level 20: Poem of Wind: Decrease enemy's critical, dodge, combustion, purify, reactive force by 4% (2 turns)
6th skill: Level 30: Poem of Moon: Increase master's critical, dodge, combustion, purify, reactive force by 4% (2 turns)

Ninja Saga Thanksgiving Balloons

This is a back item. Useful for Pure Earth Ninjas!

Limited edition! From Nov. 17 - Dec. 01,2010

Image credited to the Ninja Saga Official Forum.

Effect: Increase maximum HP by 2%. This item is good for pure earth ninjas.
How to Acquire: Buy a premium account and you will get this free. Limited edition!