How to beat the World Bosses in Ninja Saga 1 on 1- Non Emblem

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Having hard time killing the world bosses? I have here a guide on how will you beat them. These guides were base on my experiences. I beat them lot of times at ease.

Disclaimer: Do not blame me if these guides don't work. I am not playing your ninja. Better blame yourself if your ninja is weak. Haha! lol!

Pure Earth build - a pure earth build is a good idea. You will survive most of the normal and critical attacks specially when you are being disabled by the world boss. Example: the 5 second stun of Byakko, and other disabling skills. A must have skill is Golem Protection ( Reduce damage taken by 40% for 3 turns)

Pure Wind build - there is always a chance that you would be hit but you will dodge most of the attacks from the world bosses specially when you have the Evasion skill (+40% chance to dodge attack for 3 turns).

Pure Fire - Kinda useless. You lack defense and evasion. You will take all the damage and die without even reaching the half HP of the Boss. Even when you have the Hellfire(3% burn HP for three turns). Hellfire jutsu is best match with pure earth or pure wind. Or you can take 3 elements if you are a premium user.

Best pet to use is Keiko(frog)  because he restricts and burns. Other useful pets are the following because of their special skills.
  • Leiko(snake) 
  • Tomaru(cobra)
  • Suzu/Inokuchi(cat/pig)
  • Suki (pig)
  • Eriko(bird)
Disabling skills also works on world bosses. But they have a chance to resist them.
Best skills to use are the skills that cause percent damage(burn,poison,bleeding and disabling skills that cause stun, restriction, bleeding, blindness, sleep etc.
  • Skills that causes burn - Hellfire, Tomaru and keiko's special skill
  • Skills that cause poison - Leiko's poison skill and snake soul (a weapon in blacksmith house)
  • Skills that causes stuns -Earth strangle, head kick, Fat lady transformation, Sexy lady transformation, lightning shock, Suzu, and Inokuchi's special skill
  • Skills that causes bleeding -Blade of Wind, Wind edge chop, Moon cleave, and Wind blade extension.
  • Skills that causes restriction -Water Bundle and the pet Keiko's skill.
  • Skills that causes blindness - Lightning flash
  • Skills that causes sleep - Feather illusion ( good for battling Tengu)
Helpful buffs and negative buffs are also useful. These are:
  • Golem Protection (40% reduce damage taken for 4 turns)
  • Evasion(+40% chance to dodge an attack for 4 turns)
  • Dark Curse Ceremony (reduce damage,critical rate and dodge rate for 10% for 3 turns)
  • Serene mind (Secret skill - rebound all damage for 2 turns)
Also don't forget to load up your inventory with healing scrolls! But the ones which heals more. Wear also back items according to your build. Here are the list of back items.
The boss attack on a cycle basis not on a random. So you better memorize the cycle. Take a look at these posts. Read and you will see the cycle of skills they are using. Take advantage of that.
Recruit your best ninja friends! Last longer and do more damage! Thus saving your time in battle. 
On my next post, I will show How to beat Wor1d Bosses 1on 1 -Emblem Users. Stay tune! I'll be posting it soon. 

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