How to get FREE Ninja Saga Emblem

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, October 18, 2013

free ninja saga emblemMost of Ninja Saga players are non-emblem users. Everybody wants to have one but have little or no money at all. Today, I will teach you how to get FREE Ninja Saga emblem without spending a single cent.This guide teaches you how to earn enough points in less than a month and spend it to acquire a free emblem or buy in game items or tokens. You don't need a credit card or Paypal account.

Note: This guide is not a cheat. Do not believe those who claimed to give you emblem on Ninja Saga because they are fake. They make money from you when you download their fake software and complete the survey. You really get nothing and the worse is that your Facebook account may get hacked because of this.


Prize Rebel is a reward site that lets you earn points or cash when you complete surveys and offers from their advertisers. You can then exchange your points to prizes or  request a cash out via Paypal.


1. Register to Prize Rebel using your real email address and confirm the link on your inbox. Complete your profile specially your address because it is where they will send you rewards. Do not try to fake a single information here. This is your legitimate account.

2. Create another separate email (Gmail, Yahoo, etc...). This will be use when completing offers and some surveys. This email will be spammed a lot by advertisers. Create more emails.

3. Get points by completing offers, surveys, and doing daily tasks. When you go complete offers and surveys, do not use your real email address. Use the separate email that you created but use real information when filling up the offers.

4. Redeem your prize when you reach the required points. Go to Online Games prize category and look for the $5/$10 Ultimate Game Card reward using your earned points. You can then use the UGC to purchase Ninja Saga Emblem.


Refer your friends to join Prize Rebel using your referral link and get 20% of their points. You will also get another 5% of friends referral earnings.


  • Use Roboform or related filler tools. It will automatically fill out forms for you without having to manually type the information for many offers. This will speed up filling of forms.
  • Fill out offers that only require you to sign up. This is the quickest way to gain points.
  • Most offers are not available to Asian countries. You will have to rely with referral earnings.

Warning. Do not use fake information in completing offers and surveys or you won't get credited. Do not create more than one account on the same IP.

Register now and get your Ultimate Game Card to purchase a Ninja Saga Emblem.

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