Halloween Pet:Kisuke - Limited Edition

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, October 08, 2010

Halloween Pet:Kisuke is a special event pet from Ninja Saga. You can only get Kisuke this Halloween 2010. Get this limited edition Halloween pet every time you made a payment on Ninja Saga from October 8 - November 4.

- Official payment only, not included Token offers or packages offered by advertisers.
 - Click the Pumpkin Icon on the bottom of the game screen, and click "Claim Pumpkin Pet" to claim the reward!

Skills| Description

1. Basic Attack - Pumkin Bomb (lvl 5) - Kisuke drops a pumkin shaped grenade on an enemy.
2. Treat! (lvl 10) - Random chance to recover either HP or CP by 50, or reduce skill cool down.
3. Hehe! My Cake! (lvl 15) - Random chance to inflict Stun, Sleep, Poison or Burning (1 Turn).
4. Where's My Head? (lvl 20) - Random Chance to cause Stun, Distract, Restriction or....
5. Eat the Dust! (lvl 30) - Random chance to Prison, Hamstring, Internal Injury, or Blind Target (1 turn).

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