Halloween Pet: Yamaru the Vampire Bat

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ninja Saga have released a new pet, Yamaru. Yamaru  is a bat that possess the spirit of a vampire. Available this Halloween only. And this is for Emblem users only. 

Yamaru (Premium Users Only)

Type: Offensive Pet          Purchase Cost: 400 token
  • 1st skill = Basic Attack (nothing special)
  • Bite = Bite target fiercely
  • Vampiric Spirit =  Drain 10% CP and give to master
  • Vampiric Attack = Drain 5% HP and give to master
  • Secret: Shackles of Heart = Increase target's random skill cooldown for 4 
  • Secret: Bloodlust Dedication = Heal master with 5% HP and remove all negative buffs

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