Halloween Pet: Yajiro, Yamaru's Brother - Limited Edition

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Sunday, October 17, 2010

Don't you know that Yamaru the vampire bat has a brother? Yes! And its name is Yajiro! And is available only on friend's profiles!

Halloween Only. Grab it on friend's profiles!

Type: Offensive        Costs: Free, Friends Profiles - Limited Edition - Halloween only

  • 1st Skill: Bite Attack
  • 2nd Skill: Vampiric Spirit ~Drains 5% of target's CP for its master
  • 3rd Skill: Vampiric Attack ~Drains 2% of target's HP for its master
  • 4th Skill: Secret-Shackles Of Heart ~Increases 3 cooldown turns for one of opponent's skill randomly.

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