Secret Talent - Demon Sound

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Demon Sound – The Demon Sound is combined by the elements of Thunder and Wind. Users interfere targets with different kinds of sounds and music.
Cost: 1,000,000 Gold
Req: lvl50/Jounin (Thunder & Wind)

Demon Song
Description: Chance to reduce attack damage by enemy by hitting enemy with thunder-wind ninjutsu.
Effect: 60% chance to reduce target's damage by 10% (3 turns)
Dmg: --
CP: --
CD: [Passive Skill]

Demon Song: Phantom Wave
Description: Play the song of demon to interfere with the attention of target.
Effect: Reduce target's accuracy by 20% (3 turns), reduce target's critical rate by 20% (3 turns)
Dmg: [(lvl)x500%]
CP: [(lvl)x900%]
CD: 16

Demon Song: Song of Fantasia
Description: Play the song of demon to temporarily erase jutsu knowledge of target.
Effect: Chance to put target's 1 random skill into cooldown for 3-8 turns (can be extended)
Dmg: --
CP: [(lvl)x550%]
CD: 18

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