Ninja Saga Secret Talent System [Introduction]

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, September 17, 2010

Ninja Saga have reserved another building. Could it be for the secret talent system we have long awaited?

From the Ninja Saga Official Site and Forum

Secret is another form of special jutsu which is passed by generation to generation. Some of them are combined by different elements while some are special ninjutsu.

Every ninja is born with an extreme talent. Once awakened and well-trained, these talents could be the most powerful techniques in the world!

Ninja who are Lv40 or above, are you ready to explore your extreme limits? 

Episode 1: Talent System Introduction

We know everybody has been awaiting for the Talent System since the release of Ninja Saga, so, here we are to confirm: it’s coming in early September 2010!

Well, how about a little glimpse before the official launch of it?

In the world of Ninja Saga, every ninja is inherited with a talent, an extreme one that cannot be learned or copied by anyone else. The Extreme Talent can only be awakened when a ninja has proved his spirit, courage and leadership, with the guidance of the village’s skill master - Sakyo, the over-elegant, mysterious fire ninja.

If Sakyo can see potential in you, maybe he would also teach you secret jutsu when you are very much experienced as an upper-nin! The Secret Talents, not like the Extreme one, are passed by generations to generations. It is heard that some secrets are elementally based while some aren’t...

Have a look at this skill tree.

Every talent, both extreme and secret has a skill tree to follow. Ninja will have to fully train each skill to proceed, and completely own a talent! Patience and endurance are definitely required.

Episode 2: Talent Skill Introduction

Many players have expressed their concerns after the release of the Talent System preview. For example, will it cost a lot? Is it solely for premium users? Don’t worry! The Extreme Talents are open to all upper-nin, although premium users will have more potential!

Why don’t we have a look at one of the potentials that you might have?

Summon those who died in tragedies - they have no souls, they are soaked with sorrow, and they eventually revive with heart-tearing spirit.
Grant their masters with protection, ability to convert and even rebound damage, these bones cannot be easily avoided - the target is going to be overwhelmed by the terrible psychological state the bones brought about. It’s disastrous!

Episode 3: Secret Skill Introduction

Everyone of us has been living with our shadows since we came to the world. Nonetheless, there are some who have really close relationship with silhouettes. These ninja can manipulate shadows and have them as fighting tools! Attacked by the most unexpected enemy, the targets are usually terrified - after all, no preys can escape from the predators who exist everywhere.

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