Ninja Saga Pet: Raita

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, September 02, 2010

You can't find these pets on Pet Shop. You need to fulfill particular requirements in order to be able of claiming these pets. Some of them are free, but some of them are not. Also, these are the only pets you can own even when you are still Genin.
Credits for cobaltblue, jinchuriki on Ninja Saga Official Forums.

Note: This pet is no longer obtainable.

1st skill - level : Normal Attack
2nd skill - level : Noise ~Reduces 5% of target's CP.
3rd skill - level : Hamstring ~Reduces 25% of target's critical damage.
4th skill - level : Military Lightning Roar : Increase Master's all attack damage, critical chance & accuracy by 5% (2 turns)
5th Skill: Secret Jutsu; Lightning Body Wrap - (Protect the master of all negative status / debuff)
6th Skill: Secret Jutsu ; Hyper Lightning Chop - (Scratching the opponent and causes the opposing jutsu cooldown increased to 2 turn)

General Requirements for Unlocking Pet Skills
1st skill: It's already there when you obtain this pet.
2nd skill: 200,000 gold
3rd skill: 300,000 gold
4th skill: 500,000 gold + magatamas: 6 (level 1)
5th skill: 1,000,000 gold + magatamas: 6 (level 1), 4 (level 2), 2 (level 3)
6th skill: 1,500,000 gold + magatamas: 10 (level 1), 8 (level 2), 6 (level 3), 4 (level 4), 2 (level 5)

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