Ninja Saga Extreme Talents and Secret Talents

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Monday, September 20, 2010

Ninja Saga has now officially opened the Talent System. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

Extreme Talents

Extreme skills that can only be inherited. You must be level 40 and above and have passed the Jounin Exam. You can have 1 extreme talent only. Some skills needed token to acquire them and some only need gold.

Eye of Mirror (Premium only)
An ancient eye skill that grant users with strong vision and perception, but it also brings huge physical burden.

Eight Extremities
This talent focuses on flexibility of 8 body parts, and the art of taijutsu. Explosive power can be achieved under extreme mode but there will be serious side effects.

Dark Eye
Combine eye skill with acupuncture skill to give user with ability to look through target's nerves and meridians.

Deadly Performance
Dead Bone performer can summon deceased beings in battles. Advance performer can manipulate more dead bones at the same time.

Secret Talents

Hidden skills that are passed by generations to generations. You must be level 50 to acquire primary secret talent. You must be level 60 and reach ninja rank to acquire secondary secret talent.Some skills needed token to acquire them and some only need gold.

Demon Sound
The Demon Sound is combined by the elements of Thunder and Wind. User interferes target with different kinds of sounds and music.

Explosive Lava
Explosive Lava is combined with the elements of Fire and Earth. User damage by ignition and explosion.

Hidden Silhouette (Premium only)
Silhouette user manipulates human shadows to restrict and control target. Advance users can incarnate shadows into physical objects and attack target directly.

Enraged Forest
The Enraged Forest is combined with the elements of Water and Earth. Users manipulate the growth of tree and uses wood to attack target.

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