How To Level Up Fast on Ninja Saga and Reach the Level Cap

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Saturday, September 11, 2010

It is obvious that premium accounts level faster than non premium accounts because of the special missions that only premium accounts can do. Also because of the unlimited things like recruiting friends, battling with friends etc. These things can only be done if you acquire a premium account. What if you can't acquire one? This tips might help you level faster.

Spin the Ninja Saga Roulette Everyday

Update: The roulette is no longer available.
You must be aware of the wheel you spin every time you log in on Ninja Saga. Exp bonuses were given as prize on the wheel right? Play and spin the wheel everyday until you reach the x6 multiplier. And you might get the exp bonus * 6. I have tried that and I got 10k exp * 6 = 60k exp!

Do the Daily Missions

Once you reach level 40 do the lvl 40(6k exp) and once you reach lvl 45 do the daily mission lvl45(7500 exp). I am level 47 while I was writing this article so I get 13,500 bonus exp everyday!

Daily Task

Daily task which includes recruit 6 friends, finish 4 missions etc. Their is a high possibility that it will give you 5k xp.

Do the Easy Grade Missions

Here is the list of easy and fast missions:

Level 13 Escape Criminals
Level 17 Rescue Action
Level 19 Threatening Soil Village

Level  22 Canine Tooth Collections
Level 23 Phantom Ninja
Level  27 Toxic Crisis
Level  30 The Secret Package from Yuna
Level 38 Merchant Assassination

Level 44 Request from the Rock Village
Level 52  Blacksmith's Trouble

Special Tensai Jounin  
Level 60 Fierce Cats Gone Wild
Level 62 Hunt the Rebel

Defeat the World Bosses

Look at the exp that the Bosses gives. High enough to level up.

That's it! I hope this guide helps you in leveling your ninja. If you know anything that could help us non premium users to level faster, contact me here via comments. Thanks mates!

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