TP or Talent Points are needed to level up a secret talent or an extreme talent in ninja saga. Each skill level requires different amount of TP. You can check how many TP you have on the top left panel. There are three ways to get TP but before that you must know how many TP is needed for each level of skill. Here it is.

Lvl1 – 5 TP
Lvl2 – 10 TP
Lvl3 – 25 TP
Lvl4 – 50 TP
Lvl5 – 100 TP
Lvl6 – 200 TP
Lvl7 – 300 TP
Lvl8 – 450 TP
Lvl9 – 600 TP
Lvl10 – 800 TP

Three Ways to get Talent Points (TP)

TP Training
You can proceed to TP training in the Kage room or in the Talent Panel. TP trainings only give 10 TP and can only be completed once a day. You can only do 3 trainings per day. And that gives you 30 TP everday.

Boost TP
Boosting your TP requires you to spend tokens. You can boost TP in the Talent panel. The larger token you spend the more TP bonus you get.

20 tokens = 10 TP
100 tokens = 55 TP
200 tokens = 120 TP
400 tokens = 250 TP

Get TP points shared on your friends' profiles
Look after your friends' profiles and you might see some bonus TP. You will only get 10 bonus TP per share.

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