Extreme Talent - Eye of Mirror

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eye of Mirror – An ancient eye skill that grants users with strong vision and perception, but it also brings huge physical burdens.
Cost: 400 Token (Emblem)
Req: lvl40/Jounin

Eye of Mirror
Description: Not effective when CP is not adequate for copying skill (Talent skill will not be copied)
Effect: 15% chance to copy skill
Dmg: --
CP: --
CD: Passive Skill

Crescent Eye of Mirror
Effect: 20% chance to rebound Genjutsu (Talent skills will not be affected)
Dmg: --
CD: Passive Skill

Mirror of Passion
Description: Reduces target HP by 1% for 10 turns
Dmg: [(lvl)x950%]
CP: [(lvl)x1000%]
CD: 22

Mirror of Strength
Description: Successful Titan Attack has 10% chance to 'Stun' the enemy for 1 turn
Effect: Activate Titan Attack (550% damage of character level)(3 turns)
Dmg: [(lvl)x500%]
CP: [(lvl)x1200%]
CD: 24

Mirror of Grace
Description: Reduce target damage by 100% for 2 turns
Effect: 100% chance to inflict Chaos & Restriction on target (cannot control character and use jutsu)(2 turns)
Dmg: --
CP: [(lvl)x1200%]
CD: 18

Mirror of Freedom
Description: User cannot use Eye of Mirror skills again in the same battle.
Effect: Recover HP and CP by 30% when HP is below 0.
Dmg: --
CP: --
CD: Passive Skill

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