Ninja Saga World Boss: Giant Dummy

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Friday, July 23, 2010

Giant Dummy is a lvl5 boss on Ninja Saga. And it really looks like a dummy. This world boss is actually new, released during Ninja Saga's anniversary events. This boss specializes in taijutsu skills. Has lots of HP but the damage is extremely low. Even a lvl 10 ninja can beat it over time.

Name: Giant Dummy
LVL: 5
Skills:  Rapid fist, ultimate three combo,dummy palm, swift kick
Rewards when killed: Dark Curse Ceremony Jutsu - Reduces the damage, critical rate and dodge rate of the target.
XP reward : 2000
Gold Reward: 4000

Here is th video preview:

Next Boss: Ginkotsu that drops Ginkotsu Saw! 

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