Ninja Saga 1st Anniversary Events and Rewards!

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's  Ninja Saga's 1st anniversary events and lots of prizes are to be given away. So be ready to join everyday events and gather ninja badges to exchange for limited edition items. These are the contests you might want to join.

Carnival Badges Reward

Everyday you are required to complete an anniversary mission. If you are gonna ask me what type of missions you are going to complete, I would say these are mind game missions. As I write this article I have just finished two anniversary missions. The first one was the memory game. Where it will challenge your memory by placing face down cards with ninjutsu skills and you have to find their pair. The 2nd one was the puzzle mission. Find the person required inside the box and your done. There are only 5 boxes and if you chose the wrong box, you have to battle whatever may come out. Only one anniversary mission is allowed to complete. And you will gain 1 badge per mission.

So here are the rewards which you can claim by exchanging the badges:

Anniversary Lucky Draw

You are entitled to the lucky draw  by inviting friends to join Ninja Saga. One successful invitation = one entry. And here are the prices and the draw date.

Special Reward

Special rewards are for those who will make purchases on Ninja Saga.

There is no time to waste! Get your ass moving! Enjoy the game!

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