Ninja Saga Level 42 Skills Preview

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just in case you are not level 42 yet, here is a preview of the skills.

Double Moon Cleave (Wind)
Damage: 172          Cooldown: 8            Chakra : 352          Training Time: 36 hours  Cost: 188,500
Double attack target by cleaving your enemy. (Damage x2)

Dual Fire Wave (Fire)
Damage:516           Cooldown: 10           Chakra: 440       Training Time: 36 hours     Cost: 188,500
Emit 2 fire waves to enemy.

Lightning Energy Burst (Thunder)
Damage:473           Cooldown: 10            Chakra: 484       Training Time: 36 hours     Cost: 188,500
Concentrate lightning energy and explode it on enemy.

Dual Rock Dumplings (Earth)
Damage:215          Cooldown: 10              Chakra: 440       Training Time: 36 hours     Cost: 188,500
Throw two rock boulders on the enemy. 

Here is the video preview.

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