Ninja Saga: Emblem User Vs. Non-Emblem User

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Are you one of us, non-emblem users? Well the reason why I can't purchase an emblem account is simply i don't have cash haha. There is an existing clan that is an  anti emblem. I forgot the name of the clan. I tried to join but they failed to response. Whether you are an emblem user or not, the question is who's more stronger? So let us take the difference between the two.

Emblem Users

When you purchase an emblem account, here is what you can get:
  1. Full access to premium clothing and weapons
  2. Access to special event missions
  3. Free 2000 tokens upon payment
  4. 6 characters are allowed to create
  5. 3 elements can be use
  6. Character customization is free
  7. Reset attribute points is free
  8. Instant learning of ninjutsu skills
  9. Recruiting friends is unlimited
  10. Challenge friends unlimited
  11. Pets are unlimited
  12. Inventory space is 40

Non Emblem Users 

Well this is just the opposite of the emblem users.
  1. Upon registration you will receive 100 saga tokens
  2. You can use only 2 elements
  3. Learning ninjutsu skills have training time depending on level
  4. Recruiting friends, friend battle, pets are limited
  5. Inventory slot is only 20
  6. Resetting character attributes and character customization requires saga tokens
  7. Number of characters allowed is only 1
As you can see, there is a huge difference between the two. So obviously, an emblem user has the great advantage. But that doesn't apply all the time. I have battled many emblem users over time and I buried them alive hehe.

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