How To Pass Jounin Exam Part 5 No Cheat

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still having hard time passing the Jounin Exam Part 5? Jounin Exam Part 5 cost you your common sense. Just in case you don't have one, here are the tips I made for you. = )

1. Recruit 2 premium members or at least one. Or if you don't have friends with premium account, just recruit the best ninja you know.

2. Together with your team, you must possess at least of these skills:
  •  Sexy Girl transformation - Stuns your target for 3 seconds
  • Feather Illusion - Put your enemy asleep for 3 turns
  • Hellfire - -3% damage on enemy for 3 turns
  • Lightning shock - stun for 1 turn
  • Earth strangle - stun for 3 turns
  • Water Bundle - restriction for 2 turns
  • Refresh Rank 3,4,5 - It heals you
3. Fill your inventory with healing scrolls lvl 25
4. Using your common sense, you know how to use them are you?
5. Now go and be a Tensai Jounin! 

Here is a preview of Jounin Exam Part 5

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