How to Pass Jounin Exam Part 4

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Monday, June 21, 2010

In this part of exam, you must beat three man of different elements. They are all level 50! You can recruit your friends and you can also control  their skills! 

Honestly, I didn't finish the part four because it was so difficult. The difficulty will be adjusted soon but I won't wait for that because I am collecting badges. So I have used the bug.Using this bug, you can finish the part 4 in 30 secs without even trying to do it. It's like clicking the mission and you will be congratulated soon after. You can use the bug in different missions on ninja saga including Chunin and Jounin exam. So here it goes.

1. Open part 4 of the mission. Do not click the " click any where to continue"

2. Press TAB key once. You will see a yellow rectangle bottom left. If you saw it hit ENTER.

3. Press TAB key twice. You will see a yellow rectangle top left. Hit ENTER.

4. DONE!! You have passed the Part 4 of the mission.

Note: I don't know when will  this trick would last. You could also do it on different missions to level up faster. 

Here is a preview of part 4. 

Here is an actual guide from BBGsite

Part 4 is one fight against 3 elemental monsters who can control any and all elements, this fight is rather easy if you can PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Both the color of the floor and surroundings and the color of the Shikigami will change, and BOTH are vital to your success...the Shikigami's elements are difficult to see at times but you will be able to tell by looking at the body (earth will have floating rocks, lightning will have electricity flowing around it, fire will have a red glow, wind will have wind moving around and water will have bubbles around the body) you will need as many scrolls as you can carry, and you will need to ask your friends about their ninjas and the ninjas elements and such because you will need to have 2 very strong recruits with full earth stats (makes it so much easier)

There is no point in doing a full breakdown of the elements and cooldowns and such because it changes every battle, I also don't know who your recruits are, their elemental jutsu or their ability so I won't pretend to be god here and say things I don't know for a fact, so on with the guide, here is what you will need to know to face these guys...

One more thing before we get to the actual guide, since there are 3 people you can control that all use from the same scroll pool make sure you bring plenty of scrolls...

Also, it would be wise to know that once you get it down to the last Shiki, he will always match the color on the floor, if he has high HP I would highly recommend only killing the second shiki if you have hellfire, keiko or a ton of status effects like sleep and stun, he will take minimal damage unless you have percentage based attacks

Hint for earth users:
Earth absorption *** 750 chakra so it gives you more then a charge and deals some damage on top.
Strategy and Breakdown:
The most basic thing about this fight that will make it ten times easier for you is that you need to pay attention to your surroundings...the fact that the color of the seal on the floor changes after X amount of turns (it varied during my two fights) and the fact that the 3 beasts all change their elements as well will play a huge role in how this fight plays out...

If the color on the floor is the same color as the element in use by one of the shikigami then that monster will get an 80% damage reduction making it not worth your while to attack it (unless you use burn) simply put it to sleep and focus on hitting the beast with the element OPPOSITE of the seal on the floor (see elemental weaknesses below)...if you can follow this your damage gets BUFFED, my friends Mud Golem Fist was hitting for 950 damage with no buffs used on my part (imagine that + strengthen + critical!)

Always always always focus your attacks on one shikigami if he is not the buffed beast, once you take out one of the shiki then the difficulty is reduced tenfold, same goes if you can take out two...I took out my first one when the other two had full health still...

I really don't have much else for you, this fight is very variable meaning it changes a lot, all you need to do is pay attention to which element to attack, stay alive (keep your HP relatively high, if all three focus their attacks on you they can take out 1,000 damage so try not to dip below that) and pack a lot of status effect jutsus like stun, burn, restrict and sleep and you should be alright.

Elemental Weaknesses
Blue - increases the damage and defense of Water Shikigami - decreases damage and defend of Fire Shikigami
Red - increases the damage and defend of Fire Shikigami - decreases damage and defense of Wind Shikigami
Violet - increases the damage and defend of Thunder Shikigami - decrease damage and defense of Water Shikigami
Brown - increases the damage and defend of Earth Shikigami - decreases damage and defense of Lightning Shikigami
Green - increases the damage and defense of Wind Shikigami - decreases damage and defend of EarthShikigami

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