How to Pass Jounin Exam Part 1

Posted by Allen Cerezo | Monday, June 21, 2010

Jounin Exam part 1 is a memory game. You have to memorize certain hand seals in a given time. You will only pass the Jounin Exam part 1 if you will master it up to ten levels.  If you find it difficult to pass the exam, here is the trick.

1. Open ninja saga and go to the Jounin Exam part 1.

2. Now open Paint. ( you know how to open paint are you?)

3. Start the exam. You don't have to memorize the hand seals. Every time it displays them, hit Print Screen (located at top right if your keyboard).

4. Now go to paint and press Ctrl + V (paste) and then compare it.

5. Repeat the steps until you finish the Jounin Exam Part 1.

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Here is a video tutorial from YouTube

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